Math War

All you need to play this fun learning game is a deck of cards for each player, with the jacks, queens, kings, and jokers removed.

How to Play
1) Basic War: Each player turns one card face up. The player with the greatest number wins, placing his own and all captured cards into his "prisoner pile". When the players have fought their way through the entire deck, count the "prisoners". Whoever captures the most cards wins.
2) Addition War: Players turn up two cards for each round. The highest sum wins.

3) Advanced Addition War: Turn up three (or four) cards for each round and add them together. The highest sum wins.
4) Subtraction War: Players turn up two cards and subtract the smaller number from the larger. This time, the greatest difference wins.
5) Place Value War: Each player picks 2 cards and lays them side by side and reads the numbers. For example: 2 next to a 3 is 23. The player with the GREATER number wins.
6) Product War: Turn up two cards and multiply. The greatest product wins.