Keeping A Journal

In order to get kids to start writing at an early age it's a great idea for them to keep an ongoing writing / art journal that they have access to regularly. This should be an activity that they look forward to doing.
Some Of My Favorite Journaling Supplies To Help Make This Activity Very Special Are:
1) A journal chosen by your child.
2) Writing pencils and erasers
3) Paints, gel pens, stamps, stickers, glue, and scissors.
4) Magazines and photos.
5) ABC Wordbook to help with the spelling of difficult words.
6) Whiteboard and marker for help with the spelling of difficult words.

Some Ideas To Inspire Journal Writing Are:
1) Write your child a letter and let them respond to it in writing and art.
2) Write the first line of the story and let them complete the story.
3) Write a question and let your child answer it in writing.
4) Draw part of a picture and let your child complete the picture and write about it.
5) Oodles Of Doodles sold at my store has so many great story starters.